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Seggiano - Athens

Associazione SKY DANCER
(Seggiano - Athens)
Ram Paridis
Loc Case Dore 4
Seggiano 58038

tel. 00306944758707 or
tel. 00306944758707

E-mail: dorje024@yahoo.de

Ram Paridis

In 1987 he gave up his job as engineer and went to Poona-India to be close to Osho.
In 89 he met Dheeraj in Poona and was attracted very much to him and Tibetan Pulsing which he joined in 90.
He found out from Dheeraj and Tibetan Lamas that this is a High Tantra work and could see for himself the tremendous transformation potential possible.
Thereafter he spent the next 7 years in Poona practising and training in this work.

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