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Who is Shantam Dheeraj ?

Shantam Dheeraj

For Dheeraj transformation of consciousness cannot go fast enough. “Shut up and wait!”, this is the way that he loves to explain the meaning of his name with a twinkle in his eye. His whole life his wish was to do something about human suffering. He turned out to be a hell raiser among angels, a rebel from heaven … … a spiritual outlaw. A man who prefers a juicy basketball game or a good movie over any religious discussion. Like a DJ of the soul he plugs directly into the music of the universe, the frequencies that reach the earth from all the different planets. With his profound understanding of feminine consciousness he is offering to the woman the key to rediscover her being – the grounding to be herself. And to the man the understanding of his own receptivity – the ability to act without tension. He has dedicated his life to develop a genuine process: transformation of the mind through the magnetic force of the heart. “By the end of this century enlightenment will not be passed any more from Master to disciple, but from friend to friend.

The roots of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga

Dheeraj was born 1940 in Dallas, Texas. His youth was very dramatic cause he had to get along with seven different stepfathers. The following twenty years of alcohol and wild life stile, - crossing the United States on his Harley Davidson, always drunk and fugitive from a life long prison sentence -, brought him to his fourth deadly seizure of pancreatitis. In order to survive and come out of this hell he began with meditation. He experienced the healing of his pancreas through touching it and vibrating it with his voice.

Searching for the roots of his findings, he met several Masters of Tibetan Buddhism, who all recognized him as their former teacher and friend. He didn’t have to go to Tibet, cause they were  living around Los Angeles at the time. Among them Kalu Rinpoche, H.H. the Karmapa, Dilgo Khyentse and also the Taoist World Patriarch, Master Ni Hua Ching. They sent him to find the most radical Master that ever lived. He soon found Osho, brought his work to India and completed his research under Osho’s guidance with thousands of fellow travelers and friends. Dheeraj left his body 1998 in Rome after receiving a doctorate from the “University of World Peace” in Milano for his thesis on “Where does the World come from”. His pulse never stops.

Dheeraj’s book

“Where does the World come from?” is a map to understanding the structure and development of human life. It is a precious tool which allows us to take a deep dive into the magic of our inner world. Understanding the frequencies of our different organs and their development in time can explain why we perceive things in a certain way and why things are as they are. Whatever is manifesting in the material world can be tracked down to the corresponding link in the subtle fabric of our soul. Dheeraj discovered a certain method in the mystery of our existence. His book is based on a process he called the “New Mind”.

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