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What is Tibetan Pulsing Yoga ?

Tibetan Pulsing Group Poona/India

Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is a process of inner transformation and healing for everyone who is ready to take a jump from the mind to the heart.
A meditative combination of our sexual energy with the pulse beat of our hearts is creating the gentle power to dissolve blockages in the bio-electrical flow which runs our nervous system. This positive input neutralizes pain, suffering and anger through orgasmic relaxation. Our fears are transformed into bliss, joy and pleasure.
Shantam Dheeraj has been translating the ritual practices of the Tibetan monasteries into technological understanding easy to comprehend for the western mind.

The roots of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga

Shantam Dheeraj meets the Dalai Lama

Dheeraj was born 1940 in Dallas, Texas. His youth was very dramatic cause he had to get along with seven different stepfathers. The following twenty years of alcohol and wild life stile, - crossing the United States on his Harley Davidson, always drunk and fugitive from a life long prison sentence -, brought him to his fourth deadly seizure of pancreatitis. In order to survive and come out of this hell he began with meditation. He experienced the healing of his pancreas through touching it and vibrating it with his voice.  ...more

The Technique of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga

Shantam Dheeraj trifft den Dalai Lama

The job of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is to dissolve the shocks which manifest as blockages to the electrical flow in our nervous system through meditation and relaxation.

This is a specific form of bodywork, applying pressure to different points, that are in direct contact with the nervous system. The gentle but continuous pressure and the connection between those points transport the magnetic pulse beat of the heart to the affected areas and they start pulsating. The pulse beat has the natural tendency to fall in synchronicity with the pulse of other hearts. The electrical harmony that results from the active pulsing on different points allows the melting of the blockage and an inner healing can occur.  ...more

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