tibetan pulsing yoga

The intensive

The Training consists in 2 parts including:

  • THE TUNING, a deep penetration into the subconscious through the application of light- and sound frequencies, as practiced in Tibetan Buddhism and taoist China.
  • THE STREAMING, a melting of all individuals into a large energy chain, which floods our nervous system with positive energy.
  • THE BODYWORK, silent and profound relaxation of the body through the pulse beat.
  • THE EYEREADING, where we lovingly unfold the specific wounds of each individual. It is different from Iridology. Here the whole context of information is conveyed in a playful and entertaining form.
  • THE THEATRE, an opportunity to play out the parts of our personality which are hidden deep inside, like stress, depression, anger etc.

The Intensive reveals the mysteries of the human subconscious on all the different levels. It is not a form of teaching or learning. However understanding is happening by experiencing the multi-colored glasses through which we perceive our inner and outer world and living the different spaces of our own subconscious.
Wisdom is growing with the awareness of our own inner mechanism. An excellent method is offered, an invitation to explore our inner (and outer) reality, which is not separate from the inner reality of all human beeings.

The Intensive is supported by several forms of the media: audio, video, theatre, and in a new and revolutionary way also the tarot. The whole thing is an exciting, regenerating and highly entertaining process.

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