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The New Mind

is a process of transformation for body and mind which operates in six phases (the Waves of the New Mind) and allows us to go in meditation through what is called the Bardo-experience while we are still alive. It is an attempt to cleanse the nervous system of all the stuff that would come after death, but doing it consciously in order to produce the state of self-realization and open up the path to Buddhahood.

The Waves of the New Mind

Dheeraj has found a way to integrate the deep changes in the nervous system with a very pleasurable form of bodywork. Accompanied by contemporary music and successful films we open up our being and allow our consciousness to be entertained. Each of the six segments of the New Mind process is offered as a group program called a "Wave" . Each Wave has an overall topic and is specified by the color of the internal organs which are worked on in this wave.

The Green Wave ( Values )

The Red Wave ( Illusions )

The Blue Wave ( Identification )

The Yellow Wave ( Sensitivity )

The Sparkle Wave ( Communication )

The Violet Wave ( Separation )

After each wave it takes some time to integrate the changes into our daily life, digesting our experiences and practice what we have learned in the group.

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