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NAROPA Stuttgart e.V.
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School for Tibetan Pulsing Yoga
Rabia and Abhika
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Naropa Stuttgart e.V. - from friend to friend
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Abhika M. Pagano: Born 1959 in Rome/Italy. Educated as civil pilot. Very early I became financially independent by being creative – doing all kind of handicraft. After having exerienced deeply ‘sex, drugs and beach life‘, I  went first for traditional buddhist Vipassana retreats and finally I met Osho and the commune. 
There I completed several therapeutic trainings, was cooking and working in the commune kitchen and ended up in Dheeraj’s karawanserai of Tibetan Pulsing. I was working under his guidance for several years until he left his body.
Still I love experimenting on transformation by playing theatre, cooking and leading groups.

Rabiya Schirrmann: I was born1952 under a 'very lucky star' into a big family.
I was graduating in social psychology in 1978 with a thesis on  'Love – The only Therapy!’
I was very fortunate to be chosen as mother by two children.
Since 1977 I am lover of Osho and his commune. In 1989 I was getting  initiated by Dheeraj into Tibetan Pulsing Yoga and was working for many years close to him. Since then I am sharing my experience individually and in groups.

Rabiya and Abhika:  Since 1994 we are working together. We are experimenting intensely with transformation and meditation in many different situations and countries  We participated in the preparations of the ‘New Mind Process’ and the 'Temple’ in India.
Many years ago we founded Naropa Stuttgart e.V. where we are teaching Tibetan Pulsing Yoga.. Together and with the support of many friends we have developed “Spinal Pulsing Yoga”.




Associazione Naropa (Roma)

Via Tevere 54
00042 Anzio (Roma)
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Architect, has come to know in the end of the seventies the techniques of meditation, consciousness and self-acceptance through Osho. In the beginning of the nineties he met Dheeraj and started to practice his work, recognizing in it the essence of a process of consciousness and transformation. He lives and works in Milan, using also the art of painting to express the states of awareness related to meditation.

Associazione Naropa (Milano)



Seggiano - Athens

Ram Paridis

In 1987 he gave up his job as engineer and went to Poona-India to be close to Osho.In 89 he met Dheeraj in Poona and was attracted very much to him and Tibetan Pulsing which he joined in 90 .He found out from Dheeraj and Tibetan Lamas that this is a High Tantra work and could see for himself the tremendous transformation potential possible. Thereafter he spent the next 7 years in Poona practising and training in this work.

Associazione Sky Dancer
(Seggiano - Athens)