tibetan pulsing yoga

Introductory Seminars 

The Ignition Group

is a silent Initiation into the pulse beat.A journey through the seven chakras. (Prerequisite for The Intensive)

Fresh Juice

Initiation into the hi-tec process of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga. Through specific movements our sexual energy is freed up from negative experiences of the past. The ideal process for lower back problems.

Fresh Air

A deep and joyful bodywork on our emotions through liberating the tensions around the ribcage.

The Women’s Work

A journey into the mysteries and secrets of the female body. Through Tibetan Pulsing Yoga every woman can discover her natural beauty and transform tensions in the ovaries or breasts into bliss. Specially helpful for menstrual pains, menopause, difficulties with having an orgasm, relaxation after sexual abuse and other problems.

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